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Atlanta life through the eyes of a Georgia girl.

I'm a journalist, freelance writer, poet, art lover and an overall creative person. I post/talk/write about:

~ Art
~ Culture
~ Literary
~ Poetry
~ Creativity
~ Social and Environmental Good

(Almost) everything here with be connected to Atlanta or Georgia in some way.

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  1. "

    There is a negative connotation with the word “graffiti”. People see it as crap, but there’s so much good. There’s so many amazing artists out there who have come from a graffiti background that are doing things that are really highly recognized in the world.

    I love Atlanta. I really like what’s happening. It’s getting better. People from New York are moving here because it’s so competitive there. I refuse to believe that as an artist you have to be in New York. I think that because of the Internet you can pretty much be anywhere.

    I’ve got some issues right now with some of the things going on in the city. I feel like the city is going in the right direction with things like the BeltLine, but on the other hand there’s some conservative backward thinking going on.

    — Quote from Atlanta artist Hense, from a PurgeATL interview.