Peachy Diamond

Atlanta life through the eyes of a Georgia girl.

I'm a journalist, freelance writer, poet, art lover and an overall creative person. I post/talk/write about:

~ Art
~ Culture
~ Literary
~ Poetry
~ Creativity
~ Social and Environmental Good

(Almost) everything here with be connected to Atlanta or Georgia in some way.

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  1. "[…] if you get into downtown Atlanta, it has people that are proud of this city. It’s not so much this way anymore, but people used to be like, “Oh, I’m in Atlanta now, but I’m trying to get to New York or trying to get to L.A.” I think the people that are here in Atlanta now — that are choosing to be here, that want to be here — they’re proud of it. And the great thing about Atlanta is that it’s not that hard to be a part of it; it’s not that hard to be active, and do events, and have a great response, and actually make a difference in a place. For such a big city, you can make a big difference, whereas, I never lived in New York or anything, but I would imagine there it’s a lot more difficult to get things rolling."
    —  Steven Carse, King of Pops


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